New Releases : Hi$tory H.I.M – No Effort

Don’t call it a comeback !!

We’ve been in hiding revamping the LyveLyfe Radio platform to bring you an all new cast with an all new purpose.  You don’t want to miss the new show coming this May 2018. We promise the wait is worth it. But we aren’t the only ones that’s been on hiatus for a while and making a strong come back into the music scene…

Meet Hi$tory H.I.M !!

For those of you who don’t know, Brooklyn native, rapper and CEO of Swavorland Entertainment H.I.M (Hi$tory In the Making) is back!!  You may know him from the dope rap duo H Squared consisting of H.I.M and Prince Hood. They have more collaborative music on the way but they’re both pursuing solo careers. Hi$tory H.I.M. is focused on his upcoming debut single along with his much anticipated project, S.O.L.O.

He sent us his brand new Freestyle video called No Effort (Swaved Over)!  We wanted to make sure we get our supporters on the Swave first.. See what I did there!? Lol. You can check out the video here and catch the freestyle audio in rotation on all month!

What are your thoughts on the No Effort video? I liked it! I enjoy simple videos for freestyles and this was shot true to its title – with No Effort. I look forward to hearing the new single and seeing more visuals from H.I.M. If you’re in the mood for all things bars and braids, make sure you stick around as well to see this dope musician return to the music scene. Comment below your thoughts and follow the return of this dope emcee on Instagram at @HistoryHIM .

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Lyvest Events : The Give Back Show

If you weren’t at Shillelagh Tavern in Queens, NY on December 15th, you truly missed out.  Monday Night Rawrr and Katie Kay Photography teamed up with Rockview Entertainment to host an amazing charity event. Proceeds were donated to The Sarcoma Foundation and it was one of the first snow days of this winter. Seeing as weather is normally the biggest excuse of lack of support in NYC, I was so excited and proud to see all the love in the building when I arrived.

The night was amazing with nothing but laughter, great music thanks to the DJ Jessica B Live, and great vibes. There were also quite a few super talented indie artists who hit the stage that night. These performances include Scorpio P, The Thot Boys, Dipps, Born Free Music Group, and a quick shut down performance of Swiper No Swiping (Gimme That) by the host of the night Bizzy Bee! Shoutout to the cohost of the night, RayBeauty!

What stood out to me was the overall energy of the night.  Almost everyone had a smile on their face and apparently had an amazing time. There were even off stage dance battles, lol. The show was closed with a live performance by Rockview Entertainments own S-Rock! For more photos of The Give Back show, Like Monday Night Rawrr on Facebook and check out this photo album on their page: Monday Night Rawrr – The Give Back Show !

Thanks for having LyveLyfeRadio in the building and allowing us to show our support for you!

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Beyond The Art – ClearMind

Why did you decide to go by Clear Mind?
When I was about 18 is when i choose to go by the artist name of Clear Mind. I was young but I had a ton of things going on within my personal life. I felt like I had finally overcome that black cloud in constant pursuit of me, and everything just became “clear” to me.
How do you feel about the current state of music in our city?
I feel like the current state of music is truly flourishing, and artists are starting to become more supporting of eachother. Something I think is highly important because everyone wants to be the best, so for artists to come together and do that despite the competitive spirit is a great thing.
What is the biggest mistake you’ve made while pursuing your career and how did you learn from it?
Dealing with a local music company years ago who decided to let me go because they didn’t like the music I was putting out. I can’t remember the name of the company but they are also long gone but I’m still here!
If you could compare yourself to any established artist, who would it be and why?
Honestly, people always tell me I remind them of Kendrick Lamar or Nas. I’ve always been one to try new things, and do them differently. I always try to go above and beyond whenever I make music, like what is going to set me aside from everyone else? In that aspect I get compared to Kendrick. The Nas comparisons are due to the distinction of my voice and content
Who is your music hero and why?
DMX is my number one of all time. He has been my number one since I was a kid. He showed me that it’s okay to be yourself, to fight for what you believe in. We all have struggles, and battles we face everyday and he use his to fuel is musical creativity. Everyone knows DMX has always had a lot going on but his love for god has always helped him to rise above those obstacles, he never lets anything hold him back. He’s my hero!
If you could record with any popular music producer, who would you choose and why?
There’s plenty of popular music producers I would love to work with. But I think I would want to work with Noah “40” Shebib, his production is just phenomenal overall.
Do you prefer to stay indie or do you want a major recording deal?
I actually love to be an indie artist, I want to keep as much money in house as possible. But if I got offered a great deal and I was allowed to keep my masters I would definitely not mind signing a deal.
Who are some of the people I’d find in your playlist that you listen to on the regular?
Kendrick Lamar, JCole, Eminem, Tupac, Biggie Smalls, Joyner Lucas, Joey Badass, Logic, The Game, Dr. Dre, Kanye West, Dj Khaled, and Myself. Plenty of other artists I could name but these are who I constantly listen too on the daily.
Where can our readers find your music? That’s where you can find me at ! New Music Coming Soon!

Lyvest Events : Black & Gold NYFW Mixer

September 9 –

As we all know, in major cities across the world, there are weeks dedicated to the promotion and growth of the fashion industry. DymeLyfe Productions decided to produce a low key, upscale Black and Gold mixer at The Paul Hotel in NYC this year! The Paul Hotel is a farely new hotel in Manhattan in the middle of the wholesale district. They have a kitchen, full bar, and a French Toast Bar!!!

Upon arrival, one of the production team attendants greeted guests with a gift bag.  Attendees for this event included influencers, artists, models, and more. Aside from a laid back night of networking and shopping, we had 2 special guest performers that rocked the stage. B Morgan is a male RnB artist from NYC while Nadia Stone is a singer based out of Toronto! Follow on social media and follow their work to experience great music!

Instagram : @iambmorgan

Instagram : @nadiastone

Inside the gift bags included samples from Undercover Love Winx and a few giveaways from HomeTeamApparel based out of St. Louis! Also, big shoutouts to the 3 vendors displaying and selling their items at the show: Queen of Queens Boutique, Black Diamond Vision, and Undercover Love Romance Parties. Please show your support for these brands by following their social media pages and purchasing some items!

Instagram : @hometeamapparel_

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Lyvest Events : A Queens Day In !

By Dyme –

August 26th, Brand new event production start up, Indigo Aura Events, had it’s debut gathering! The title of this great event was “A Queens Day In”! A beautiful name for a beautiful cause. I was drawn to it because it’s purpose aligned directly with my biggest struggle – Balancing between personal life and business. The point was to provide an intimate getaway to enjoy drinks and pedicures/manicures by a hired professional.

Here’s a brief interview with the CEO Scarlet, telling more about herself and describing why she decided to do this event:

My favorite part? The drinks!! There were 2 bowls, one of sangria and the other with some sort of fruit infused wine. I loved it! Also at the top of my list was the energy in the room. I love going places that provide a positive and/or inspiring energy. Everyone was very supportive of the cause and of all Scarlets efforts. I even received a new book from one of the guests. I had to leave early so I didn’t get my nails done but I did receive a gift bag!

Gift Bag Contributing Companies: ; ; @nicolettecosmetics

Shoutouts to Scarlet for organizing a nice gathering, the nail tech Dev Dujon @yanailtechdev for pampering the guests, as well as all of the guests and contributors. I look forward to the next one!


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Lyvest Events : BARZ II Cypher

By Dyme –

On August 11, WDIB Ent and H2O Music collaborated to host another dope installment of their cypher series named “BARZ”! Of course LyveLyfeRadio popped up to cover the event.

Upon arrival at the private studio location, there were already a few of the participants and spectators seated. In addition, there was a caterer with an assortment of Caribbean and American soul food and I heard there was alcohol on sale. Music for the night was provided by DJ G-Money.

I missed the first cypher but the second & main events had a few dope rappers apart of them. Some of them included Chrissy Bandz, Grafh, Josh Jacobs, ARNSTAR, and Johnnie Floss. However, at one point, there was one guy who could not get past the first bar of his verse. As entertaining as it was, I do think they should’ve cut him off to let him regroup himself after the 3rd try. In my opinion the best lyricist of the night was one of the female rappers, whose name I don’t know! There was definitely a lot of BARZ and talent in that room.

Check out this recap of the first cypher of the night. Provided by: East Coast Confidentials!

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Beyond The Art – Johnnie Floss

Why did you decide to go by Johnnie Floss?
My producer gave me my name. He said it represents me because I’m flashy and charismatic. Plus he felt my previous name (Teflon John) didn’t fit me.
How do you feel about the current state of music in our city?
I think it’s in a pretty good space. Being a MC from Brooklyn I feel like their are a lot of us that’s relevant right now because of the quality of music and the consistency. Once you’re in you have to stay in so I think most of the artists are doing that at the moment.
How important would you say it is to make connections with other artist when it comes to doing music?
Very important. Networking is key and creating with other artists helps you become a better artists because each song and idea is different. You never know what someone else can bring out of you and us as artists should always want to elevate.

What is the biggest mistake you’ve made while pursuing your career and how did you learn from it?
I would say putting my career on hold for someone else. I was in a relationship a few years back and it took away from me a little because she really didn’t believe in my vision. So I focused on her thinking she was the one and now we’re not even together anymore.
If you could compare yourself to any established artist, who would it be and why?
I get either compared to early Jay-Z or Fabolous. I don’t know if it’s because I’m lyrical and from Brooklyn but I usually get compared to them.
What inspired your most recent single “Shut It Down”?
So I got a chance to meet Maino in Toronto and I always wanted to see what a record wit him would sound like because we’re both from Brooklyn yet we still represent two different worlds that’s in the same city.

What is your overall goal for your music?
My ultimate goal is to win a Grammy. When I do that, I’ll come up with another goal.
If you had to make a hit collab record for your favorite record label to sign you, who would you do it with and why? Can be indie or mainstream.
I like G.O.O.D. music over everybody else right now so I would have to say I would collab with Pusha T. Not only because he’s one of my favorites but because I don’t like the typical collabs and the fact that we represent two different styles I still think it would be dope because we’re both lyrical.
What do you think is the one thing you’re missing to get your big break?
A major backing. It’s hard doing this on your own without major help. Someone less talented than you can get heard quicker because of their help so I would say that’s what I’m missing. Either a major backing and/or a strong team.
Where can our readers find your music?
Type in Johnnie Floss on all social media sites and get exclusive material on my website

Beyond The Art – Joobi

Where did you come up with the name Joobi?
JOOBI : This is my name. That means like I am surrounded by people and helping people. Actually, I want to make people happy with my garments.
How do you collaborate with your client to achieve their particular vision?
When I see and talk with my client, I can know what style they prefer to have very quickly. I think that is the most important thing for being designer.
Have you ever had to disagree with the client’s vision and recreate it yourself?
I am pretty flexible designer. I negotiated with my client to mix what they want and my design aesthetic.
What is the weirdest thing that has ever inspired something you created?
Blood vessel collection which is knit collection. I thought blood vessel’s connection in human being inside is similar to the structure of knitting. People thought that is scary and odd but I liked it a lot and actually people cannot forget this collection because that was weird!!!
How was your experience participating for CelebsInFashion2?
That was just amazing ! I’d never had fashion show on the boat. The view was really cool and I really enjoyed how organized and fun the fashion show is.
Who are some of your design heroes?
Maison Martin Margiela and Sacai.
What is the biggest goal you have for your line?
I want to advertise my collection around the world. I want to see people around the world are happy with my garment pieces.
Do you feel your style is something others can recreate or is it one of a kind?
I don’t think nobody can recreate my work exactly same. Haha. Because every single piece has unique details and hand-made work.
If you can style any living celebrity in your clothing, who would it be and why?
Lady gaga and Rihanna! They are my muse ! Also, mostly my designs are costume for special occasion!!! Hope ,someday, they wear my garments and sing a song!
What is something you would say to a young designer looking to break into the business?
Sometimes, I can see some designers who don’t know garment well try to start their own business easily. I think experimenting and studying garments well first and doing their own business should be good order if the designers are looking for long path success.
What do you have coming up next for your brand?
I am still working on the collection ” The process of recovery” which is from depressed darkness in my small room in garment district when I just moved to NewYork. The collection shows the movement from darkness to light happiness. Through collection, I find who I am exactly and I can be recovered. I will show the collection soon.
If you won $1,000,000 (after taxes lol) what would you do with the money?
Wow. I am happy of imagining this !! I might buy apartment in NewYork so I can have rent from my tenants every single month and I will invest that money on my collection.
Where can our readers find out more about your line and place orders?
I have my web-site and Instagram. Just DM me and let me know what you like! Looking forward to seeing this happens soon !!

Beyond the Art – Saay Park

How do you feel about the current state of music in our city?
I think music in my city has come a long way. NYC birthed hip-hop and also birthed some great r&b as well. I think right now the music scene is at an all time high. Everyone’s being so inventive and creative and really grinding.
How important would you say it is to make connections with other artist when it comes to doing music?
 I think it’s a 50/50 kind of situation. It’s important in the aspect that these other artists may become your new fans and that’s how you’ll grow a fanbase and also too it’s good to connect because you never know who can take you to higher places but I also feel as though sometimes in certain situations it’s also okay to not connect because everyone has a brand to adhere to.
What is the biggest mistake you’ve made while pursuing your career and how did you learn from it?
My biggest mistake was thinking that friends would support me right off the bat. I took a lot of grinding and just growing as a person and an artist that made them come around. I learned to honestly just leave everything in God’s hands and create the art that I want to create and not necessarily what others want me to make.

What do you like to do outside of music that contributes to you as an artist?
I love to dance and choreograph. I train and practice a lot especially because it’s apart of my sets so I always have to make sure I’m on point with everything. Every mistake performance wise just needs more fine tuning.
Who is your music hero and why?
My music hero is Prince. That man can do no wrong in my eyes. He was so out of the box but true to his craft. Not only was he a great singer, but he was a song writer, musician and businessman. Definitely someone to learn from and look up to as far as that and being yourself in the industry.
What do you think your supporters get out of your music that draws them to continuously listen?
I think my supporters love the vibe I bring with my music. I never create music to just say I want to create. I create music to fill a void or create a vibe. I feel like my supporters just enjoy the vibe, and also I’m a bit of a low toned singer so it’s also sometimes a bit hypnotizing.

What inspired your most recent single (name of song)?
My most recent single “NFS” was inspired by the bashment movement back in the 80s-90s. I love reggae music since it’s apart of my culture and I wanted to give a bit of a throwback to that era while still maintaining my original sound and still bring it to the new generation of 2017.
If you could record with any popular music producer, who would you choose and why?
I would record with Teddy Park. He’s a South Korean based music artist and producer. I would love to record with him because his music is always insanely amazing. Synths and everything in between are always refined and just amazing to vibe and listen to.
What is some advise you’d give to the 18 year old you?
I would tell myself to never give up and no matter how hard it may seem right now, that it’ll get better and you actually have a purpose in life and can do better for yourself.
Who are some of the people I’d find in your playlist that you listen to on the regular?
The-Dream, TONS OF K-Pop, Bob Marley, Rihanna, Prince, Usher, Buju Benton, Beenie Man.
Where can our readers find your music?
Search Saay Park on all streaming sites and you can for sure find me but if it’s easier then

How Does Music Influence You?

By Tiki Welcome

Recently, I was teaching a class that was made up of boys and girls between the ages 7-13 years old. There was a recess break in which they grouped themselves based on familiarity and comfortability – Boys vs. Girls. The boys were all indulging in being cheerleaders or talking smack as each other takes a chance on the game. The girls were having an array of conversations that simply came and went. At this point I was in supervision mood but clearly not paying keen attention to every word uttered.

As time went on- the conversation among the girls were about the song pergunson. I mean the reflect of attention the boys displayed from the video games to musical conversation rapidly happened. It brought excitement, it showcased cognitive behaviors of great memory of lyrics. It brought about conversations of what it meant and if anyone among them ( extended to family/associates) have ever indulge in the very thing.

This fixation caused me to stop and ponder how influential music is to us as adults and how impressionable it is on younger individuals.
Music has the power to set and change our moods. Have you ever heard a song that immediately makes you think of a sad or emotional thing you’ve been through? It forces you to think about that very thing that you may have been avoiding. It applies light and in that moment it may bring clarity. Then, there are times we wake up feeling gloomy and you turn on some “trap music” or “soca music” that builds your energy and allows dophamine to release. But music does more than elevate your mood, it influences the way we think and the things we become interested in.

It represents culture, it tells us what is prevalent and what we should give a try- what is morally right and wrong. And music isn’t the definite cause for violent behavior but it is an inhibitor. Music carries much more power than we know so let’s be aware and allow our music to be those of positive influence.

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