How Does Music Influence You?

By Tiki Welcome

Recently, I was teaching a class that was made up of boys and girls between the ages 7-13 years old. There was a recess break in which they grouped themselves based on familiarity and comfortability – Boys vs. Girls. The boys were all indulging in being cheerleaders or talking smack as each other takes a chance on the game. The girls were having an array of conversations that simply came and went. At this point I was in supervision mood but clearly not paying keen attention to every word uttered.

As time went on- the conversation among the girls were about the song pergunson. I mean the reflect of attention the boys displayed from the video games to musical conversation rapidly happened. It brought excitement, it showcased cognitive behaviors of great memory of lyrics. It brought about conversations of what it meant and if anyone among them ( extended to family/associates) have ever indulge in the very thing.

This fixation caused me to stop and ponder how influential music is to us as adults and how impressionable it is on younger individuals.
Music has the power to set and change our moods. Have you ever heard a song that immediately makes you think of a sad or emotional thing you’ve been through? It forces you to think about that very thing that you may have been avoiding. It applies light and in that moment it may bring clarity. Then, there are times we wake up feeling gloomy and you turn on some “trap music” or “soca music” that builds your energy and allows dophamine to release. But music does more than elevate your mood, it influences the way we think and the things we become interested in.

It represents culture, it tells us what is prevalent and what we should give a try- what is morally right and wrong. And music isn’t the definite cause for violent behavior but it is an inhibitor. Music carries much more power than we know so let’s be aware and allow our music to be those of positive influence.

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