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Beyond The Art – Joobi

Where did you come up with the name Joobi?
JOOBI : This is my name. That means like I am surrounded by people and helping people. Actually, I want to make people happy with my garments.
How do you collaborate with your client to achieve their particular vision?
When I see and talk with my client, I can know what style they prefer to have very quickly. I think that is the most important thing for being designer.
Have you ever had to disagree with the client’s vision and recreate it yourself?
I am pretty flexible designer. I negotiated with my client to mix what they want and my design aesthetic.
What is the weirdest thing that has ever inspired something you created?
Blood vessel collection which is knit collection. I thought blood vessel’s connection in human being inside is similar to the structure of knitting. People thought that is scary and odd but I liked it a lot and actually people cannot forget this collection because that was weird!!!
How was your experience participating for CelebsInFashion2?
That was just amazing ! I’d never had fashion show on the boat. The view was really cool and I really enjoyed how organized and fun the fashion show is.
Who are some of your design heroes?
Maison Martin Margiela and Sacai.
What is the biggest goal you have for your line?
I want to advertise my collection around the world. I want to see people around the world are happy with my garment pieces.
Do you feel your style is something others can recreate or is it one of a kind?
I don’t think nobody can recreate my work exactly same. Haha. Because every single piece has unique details and hand-made work.
If you can style any living celebrity in your clothing, who would it be and why?
Lady gaga and Rihanna! They are my muse ! Also, mostly my designs are costume for special occasion!!! Hope ,someday, they wear my garments and sing a song!
What is something you would say to a young designer looking to break into the business?
Sometimes, I can see some designers who don’t know garment well try to start their own business easily. I think experimenting and studying garments well first and doing their own business should be good order if the designers are looking for long path success.
What do you have coming up next for your brand?
I am still working on the collection ” The process of recovery” which is from depressed darkness in my small room in garment district when I just moved to NewYork. The collection shows the movement from darkness to light happiness. Through collection, I find who I am exactly and I can be recovered. I will show the collection soon.
If you won $1,000,000 (after taxes lol) what would you do with the money?
Wow. I am happy of imagining this !! I might buy apartment in NewYork so I can have rent from my tenants every single month and I will invest that money on my collection.
Where can our readers find out more about your line and place orders?
I have my web-site and Instagram. Just DM me and let me know what you like! Looking forward to seeing this happens soon !!