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Beyond The Art – Me9awear

Where did you come up with the name Me9awear?
It is a name my hubby came up with that basically joined our family .. because he has 4 children before me and I had 4 before his and our bond baby makes 9.
Do you have any formal education or are you self taught?
My mother taught me the basics the rest is self taught.
Describe your creative process?
A vision of an outfit or a dress etc.. just pops in my head and I just create it.
How was your experience participating for CelebsInFashion1?
That was my very first time participating in a fashion show. It was exciting.
How do you stay on top of fashion trends?
I try to pay attention to what’s what mainly through social media.
If you can style any living celebrity in your clothing, who would it be and why?
Beyoncé or Rihanna.. because I feel like the would rock the hell out of my designs.
What is something you would say to a young designer looking to break into the business?
Have patience because it takes time ,never give up, & be on top of your game .. oh and definitely dare to be different!
Where can our readers find out more about your line and place orders?
I am currently working on my website but they can always contact my on my Ig page @zentencreation or my Facebook page Zentencreation.