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Lyvest Events : The Give Back Show

If you weren’t at Shillelagh Tavern in Queens, NY on December 15th, you truly missed out.  Monday Night Rawrr and Katie Kay Photography teamed up with Rockview Entertainment to host an amazing charity event. Proceeds were donated to The Sarcoma Foundation and it was one of the first snow days of this winter. Seeing as weather is normally the biggest excuse of lack of support in NYC, I was so excited and proud to see all the love in the building when I arrived.

The night was amazing with nothing but laughter, great music thanks to the DJ Jessica B Live, and great vibes. There were also quite a few super talented indie artists who hit the stage that night. These performances include Scorpio P, The Thot Boys, Dipps, Born Free Music Group, and a quick shut down performance of Swiper No Swiping (Gimme That) by the host of the night Bizzy Bee! Shoutout to the cohost of the night, RayBeauty!

What stood out to me was the overall energy of the night.  Almost everyone had a smile on their face and apparently had an amazing time. There were even off stage dance battles, lol. The show was closed with a live performance by Rockview Entertainments own S-Rock! For more photos of The Give Back show, Like Monday Night Rawrr on Facebook and check out this photo album on their page: Monday Night Rawrr – The Give Back Show !

Thanks for having LyveLyfeRadio in the building and allowing us to show our support for you!

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New Music Mondays! Jerz Da Don – Follower

Welcome to another music video post for New Music Mondays on LyveLyfeRadio.com!!

This week we have a new video by DLE Records artist Jerz Da Don for his track “Follower”.  This song is off his new album coming this Summer entitled “S.U.N.”  Having only been out a month, this video has almost 6k views on Youtube.  I had already watched it as I knew Jerz before we even started this radio show.  So when I received the link in my inbox, I knew we had to put it on the list!

The video has an aggressive tone to it. Makes sense being that it’s basically calling out people who follow the wave rather than create it. Jerz commences to throw a few bricks at what I hope is an abandoned building as well as flipping chairs and kicking over stuff throughout the video. I think filming in the snow was a great asset because it makes the visual cold and blunt to add to that aggression.  Even with the awesome production quality of the song, the beat makes you feel like you’re watching a suspense driven King-Kong movie! I also love the way he threw in racism and the perception of our people into his lyrics. I try to keep these reviews solely in reference to the visual product but the hook and that verse caught me.  It’s always inspiring when artists take the time out to create a piece that is engaging and can still remember to throw in topics of viral importance. Kudos to you for that!

As I watched the video, I couldn’t help but to laugh. You’ll see a few cameos of individuals who are apart of the DLE team in varying aspects.  Danny Love, CEO of DLE Films (director of the video) & DLE Records, was seen throughout the entire video flashing his jewelry and DLE apparel! As I’m very big on branding, I was excited to see all the merch featured. It was almost as if he was a feature on the song that never got to record his part but was still in the video… I do find it to be a lot when management plays too large of a role in the artists video but being that I know they’re like brothers, it wasn’t as obnoxious as I’ve seen in other videos. Almost like Diddy in any video of an artist he’s managed!

Overall I give this video a thumbs up as I’ve found it to be entertaining yet vigorous in intent. I urge you to stay tuned with Jerz’s journey. Follow him on IG @JerzDaDon and you can check out the video below. Comment and tell us what you think:

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-Dyme Smith, @thereal_dyme